Saturday, March 21, 2009

music from Maruti

The guys over at Maruti Suzuki sent me this amazing collection.

I bought my Maruti Suzuki dZire a few months ago. Despite recommendations from friends and to be fair - even warnings regarding price difference, feature gap and everything, we decided to go in for the top end model.The one reason to do so was that in our previous purchase ( Maruti Alto ) , we had gotten the base model and every time my dad had to make a sharp turn , he always complained bout the lack of power steering which was present on the higher model. I didn't want to feel bad later,  that I should have gotten the higher model , so I personally put foot down that we were going to go straight for the top end model.

One of the best decisions in my life - despite my dad's constant complaints that we could easily have bought a vehicle in a better class at the price we were paying for the top model of a lower class. He prefers other cars over our current one - anything else, actually.

But everything else apart, it is a real convenience. I didn't have to put in any extra accessories at all. The car came pre-packed with a bundle of accessories - power steering, ABS, Airbags, ACC aircon , a stereo, fog lamps, alloys, tubeless rubbers, nice looking beige upholstery - everything.

And some of those features are a nice little touch of comfort. The air conditioner has one of those Automatic Climate Control thingys, you just set the desired temperature and the aircon will do the rest. The fan speed, air intake mode, air outlet vent are all controlled automatically. I can drive all the way from the shivering  11 degrees in the morning to the boiling 40+ degrees of Mumbai's blazing afternoon without feeling even a slight change in cabin temperature.  Why I haven't touched my aircon since I set it to my temperature softspot ( 23.5 C ) about two months ago. ( alok doesn't like the acc though, so i do have to reset it every time he joins me for a ride )

The stereo is pretty slick too. Alright, I admit that its no nightangle, but its quite good, above average sound quality, good volume, and  the radio reception is a tad bit sketcky. But it does justice to my MP3 collection ( another thing that alok doesn't like ). I felt like that the only thing they didn't dish out with the stereo was a nice little song collection, but now looks like that's taken care of too. It is a modified Signature Collection with songs from the oldie goldie songs era i.e 50s through 70s. The songs are quite good but not really my cuppa joe, my mom loves it though...

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