Monday, March 9, 2009

oops ! i forgot to backup!

Okay, a little bit of background information first : I've created and manage a website for the local Rotary club , the Rotary Club of Bombay Mulund East, which my dad is a member of. The website and hosting is registered under my dad's name and his card is automatically billed for it.

The this is that dad's credit card expired and the renewal of the site was defaulted, my dad was mailed regarding it and he completely forgot about it. I realised it only after my hosting had expired and all my files had been deleted!!! And although i had the domain pointed to another hosting account immediately, the damage was already done - my data was gone. Although I had a backup of the data it was way too outdated to be of any real use as I had done a lot of changes, bug fixes and additions on the live site that I hadn't backed up to my local computer, all I was able to recover was the static content - you know, all the boring stuff...

So here I am back to square one, trying to completely rebuild a lost site, but since I'm doing it afresh, I've decided to follow some good practices like using version control, using CSS to larger extent - I just cant get myself to give up the good old TABLE technique and actually using some of the more powerful tools that I payed for - like mod_rewrite, subdomains, php, sql, and much more...

But the number one thing I learned from this is BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP.. And on that thought, I haven't exactly backed up any of the data on my local machine, so I guess I'll be headed to the hardware store to get an external drive soon.

BTW although it's not much now, the site in question is

So if anyone has any tips that may help me in my journey, please do post them in the comments.