Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A picture set

Many people like to put up funny pictures on their blogs. But, why do they do it? Does it make them look cool? Or do they think that by see the funny pictures the readers will in turn believe the poster to be a funny guy? May be they are just bored?

Well I've decided to put up a funny picture set too. What's my reason : Because I can.

I do this every time I get bored at work too.

Yeah  right, I want to stay safe too, from you mostly..

So now we all know what the sign painter's previous job was.

The touchscreen is pretty much what separates it from my old phone too.

He's like Obama, quick, someone make him a President too..

How do things like this even happen?

As long as you are going to learn swimming, you better do it from from the experts.
C ya,