Wednesday, March 18, 2009

this is Chirag

I've already written about my friend Alok . Let me introduce you to another one of friends :

Chirag K Shah

Our friendship was forged under unusual circumstances - me running to him any time i had emotional issues and crying out my heart to him ( at a time when we hardly knew each other )  - sorry about that dude - but then, if those events hadn't occurred , we would probably not share the bond that we do now. Being in the same class at college, housed in the same hostel and in the same room, we practically spent almost all the 24 hours of 2 years together. It's really sad to know that we'll never meet and spend time together in the same careless ways ever again. And him living so much distance from me, we'll probably hardly ever meet and since he's pursuing education in the US, probably never in the near future.

I find this guy's mindset and ideology very interesting. He is all about spending his time efficiently , that is why he's probably the most lazy and the most active person ( at the same time ) you will in the whole wide world. He is highly opinionated person ( so am I, but then, this isn't about me ) and very interested in politics and finance especially on how the two are intricately linked together and if you get him started on it, he'll keep on talking till you are deaf in the ear -but with absolutely no dull moments, guaranteed! We used to talk for hours together, starting from early in the afternoon right through dinner and well into the wee hours of the morning when we could no longer keeps our eyes open. That's what I miss the most about him...

I'll post more about him and more of my friends later.


You can view his orkut profile here: