Sunday, March 8, 2009

why do i blog?

why do people normally blog? Some do it for expressing their creativity, some do it for the sake of entartaintment while others do it just for the sake of money. The guys at conducted a survery of the various reasons why people blog, you can find it here -

But of all the reasons mentioned in the report and many more which aren't , why is it that I decided to do it. Well most people tend to claim that they do it as an outlet for their creative thoughts, or to stay in touch or to share their knowledge and experiences.. while others are more forthcoming and just blurt out the truth that they do it for the money or for the networking or for influencing other people. But me... well I've just got a LOT of time on my hands I'd like to kill and I've no better idea how to do it. So that's what this leads to.

I've a gap of about a quarter of an year before my college begins and I'm looking forward to use this blog to document all the interesting stuff I do ( or more likely - come upon on the internet ) in this time. So people, please do comment on the articles and I'm looking forward to your constructive criticism to make this blog even better.

Pranav "PeeKay" Koli