Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fools' day celebreation by Google

April Fool's day is a time honoured tradition of today's times. It marks the change of calendars from the old Julian system to the now-used Georgian system. It also demarks one of my cousin's birthday - Happy Birthday Pradnesh, but that apart, it is still a very fun-filled day.

Google is famous for playing pranks on this day. Like the famed Google Copernicus Center , Google Gulp and who can forget Google's future warping techonology : gDay , not to mention being Rickrolled by Youtube. Hell, even the announcement of GMail was considered to be a prank as 1GB space ( being offered at that time ) was totally unheard of at that time. Most e-mail providers provided anywhere between 5-10 MB of space.

But this time around, the mood at Google was in a down, what with all the lay-offs and all the down sizing. Many people were half expecting Google to just lay straight this year. And in a way I am happy to gee Google back at pranking everyone - it just means that hopes and morale at the Googleplex is back up.

In case you missed it, this is what google tried to fool us with :

  1. You tube tried to make us all watch our video's upside down.
  2. Google tried to change Australian Football by introducing gBall
  3. And for some reason the yellow person in google street view changed into a Panda
  4. GMail on autopilot
  5. Google Chrome in 3D ?
UPDATE : There's report of an AI singularity by name CADIE going online on the 31st of March. This seems very much like an April Fools Prank. Oh, and the Panda in Google Street View seems to be her. You can check out her homepage at

    If any of you catch anything else off beat  with google today, do let me know via the comments.