Thursday, June 11, 2009

Holiday in Goa

Goa is truly a paradise on Earth. I've visited Goa a number of times now, but somehow, every visit is unique and exciting. I always get to see some new fa├žade of this marvellous tourist haunt. But during this time of the year, the trademark beaches of Goa are not the places to go. The rains are coming down heavily and the waters are way too dangerous to wade onto.

So we looked at the other side of Goa. The truly beautiful Goa. We visited the hill stations in and around Goa, waterfalls, forts and much more. These places are far much more beautiful than the beaches for which Goa is well known throughout India and even abroad. And much much more so during the rains. The greenery, the fog, the chill, water trickling down waterfalls. This is the true beauty of Goa. To top it all, my movement in Goa was totally unrestricted as I took my dZire with me. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. I drove for a total of almost 1700 kms from Bombay to Goa and back, and also within Goa.

Three more Kings

Me, Adnan and Alok at Three Kings' Point

Off Roaded

Safari : Off-Roaded

Hell, me and my friends even had an Off -Roading session wherein we put Priyesh's Safari through the worst nature could offer. It was totally soo much fun. I think I might be falling in love with SUV's - whom I usually despise.

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