Monday, May 25, 2009


OMG!! Looks like none of my posts have been published this month.

I decided to post by e-mail / mobile blogging this month. However it seems like everything just went to drafts rather than get published... And so apparently nothing was being posted while i was always writing posts regularly,.. i realy was ...

I know excuses are excuses, and i'll look into it that such things won't ever happen again.. I'm remedying the situation and publishing all the posts now.

Thanks to Jason_crazee for pointing this out. I.O.U.1


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ocean's 40

This is funny :

thanks to how it should have ended for a hilariously funny video


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Things the future generaion will never understand

So I was viewing this blog post  ( must visit ) , and I realised that, albeit funny, this is matter also has a very serious note to it.

And that is because it is true. It happens to be especially true in case of technologies. I'm willing to bet that a very few of us may remember things like betamax , 8 tack tapes , Commodore 64 , Laser Disc , flash bulbs with flash powder or even the Morse Code and Telegraph services and many more important technological landmarks which were around just about a couple of decades back. With such technological breakthroughs being left completely obsolete and completely forgotten, how long will it be when modern technology may be no longer remembered.

Imagine what a time it would be! One might get to see optical mice not at the latest computer stores but in museums. Media's like the CD which are already dying fast will be long forgotten in just a few years. Newer technologies like DVD's and Blu-Ray discs are bound to have even shorter life spans. But from an engineering point of view, is it really a good thing forgetting these basics of technology. A classic example of this is the Laser Disc. Ever since the Laser Disc was invented, there hasn't been mush development in fundamentally different modes of storing data. The CDs, DVDs and the now recent Blu-Ray discs are basically just improvement on the LaserDisc. The laser disc has basically just been scaled down and more information has been crammed into it by packing it closer together.

As i say this I am remembered of a scene in the Jurassic Park movie. You might remember Jeff Goldblum's character - Iam Malcolm - saying ,in effect, that when we don't understand technology, when we don't respect the basic technology, technology won't respect us. So I wonder, will someday, this all come back  to bite us right in the *ss ...


Ian MalcolmThe problem with scientific power you've used is it

didn't require any discipline to attain it.  You read
 what others had done and you took the next step.  You
 didn't earn the knowledge yourselves, so you don't take
 the responsibility for it.  You stood on the shoulders
 of geniuses to accomplish something as fast as you
 could, and before you knew what you had, you patented
 it, packaged it, slapped in on a plastic lunch box, and
 now you want to sell it.
Jurassic Park ( 1993 ), Original story by Michael Crichton ( 1990 ) 

The images have been taken form Los Cuatro Ojos ( / )

Sunday, May 10, 2009


It's been a baaad day for my car.

Firstly, early in the afternoon, I back it into a pillar in a parking lot at a mall, completely damaging the rear bumper and boot lid. One of the tail lights cracks up too.

Then, when I'm manoeuvring through the tight streets in a village in Thane, some biker scrapes past it leaving a long full length scratch on the side.

And finally when I arrive back from some shopping, I find out that some street /stray dogs decided to climb onto the car whilst it was in the parking, laving their nail marks all over the bonnet, the roof and the boot.

I'm in soo much pain right now, I don't know what to do. I wonder how much of it will get covered under Insurance. I guess I'll just have to leave the dog marks for now and get the rest of the things done. It really has  been a sad sad day for me. And what lesson have I learned form this :
 Speed isn't the enemy, the lack of it is. ;) ( I've never have had an accident at high speed, all of my 9 or so accident experiences have been at low speed , or when completely stationary. )

POST NOTE : ( 7th May 2009 ) -  Well today wasn't such a good day either. Some guy drove right into my vehicle while I was overtaking , just off the express way. :(( I feel like crying...

Monday, May 4, 2009

the rundown on 5800 and the iPhone ( 5800 vs iPhone )

The two phones are an amazing piece of technology which are both unbeatable in their own class. So there is actually no real choice between the two as they both cater to people of different needs. While the 5800 may bowl one over with amazing usability and versatility, but then, when it comes to looks, ease of use and the style factor, not to mention the respect that comes with the "i", there is simply no match for the iPhone ( and may not be one in the near future )

With that out of the way, there are many difference in the two and I'm going to highlight the things that really matter to me :

Why 5800 is better than iPhone :

Pricing :  At 32,00 INR the iPhone is almost double the moolah you pay for the Nokia 5800

Input : The 5800 features multi-input methods like single handed ( alphanumeric ), double handed ( full qwerty ) , plectrum ( mini qwerty ) and stylus ( handwriting )
  The handwriting recognition really works and has since become my preferred choice of input because of its unmatched speed and accuracy. This is the first phone where handwriting recognition is actually a viable method of input and not just a fancy show piece.

Screen : The screen is admittedly smaller than iPhone, but by a mere 0.3 inches, But where the 5800 shines is in having excellent resolution ( 1.5 times the number of pixels as compared to the iPhone). What this translates to is ofcourse - breathtaking video playback !!

GPS : The GPS is not restricted to just online maps. You got preloaded maps with realtime voice assisted navigation . You can also see the raw GPS data. Not to mention third party applications which can tap into the GPS allowing you to make best use of the phone GPS in a number of applications like tracker, exercise manager and much more.

Camera : The camera features a higher MP rating. Though the major improvement is the dual-LED flash, video recording and secondary camera for video calling and self portraits. Also a Carl-Zeiss lens results in highly quality images ( Albeit, only in sufficient light scenarios ).  Sadly, the iPhone doesn't even support video recording.

Video / Audio Playback : Support for a large variety of formats ( which can be easily extended by third party software ).  Stereo FM is also supported. And as mentioned, the video playback is simply superb.

Ringtones : I can use mp3 files as ringtones, even video ringtones are supported. And I can also simply copy some files from my PC and use my own ringtones. This really beats the iPhone hands down where I have to pay to download new ringtones.

Bluetooth : The bluetooh functionality of the 5800 is very extended as compared to iPhone as it can be used to send files, vCard data ( contact information), supports stereo headsets, and i can also use it as a modem.

Memory : 5800 has a small inbuilt memory but comes with a 8gb external memory card which can be easily upgraded.  The iPhone has the option of 8 or 16 gb, but no upgrade options available. The memory can also be used as a mass storage device to store your files upon, which is not possible in the iPhone

Other factors : The 5800 can be connected to a TV via the supplied AV out cables which is totally cool.
Also the support for 3rd party software is unparalled . This is further strengthened with the fact that the 5800 is binary compatible with Nokia's s60 v3 software.

Where the 5800 sucks :
( Why the iPhone is still the ruler )

  • The camera may support a higher resolution, but the camera is quite noisy in low light situations. The noise is reduced in the latest firmware upgrades, but it is still a standing issue.
  • The iPhone can be easily synced with your PC's music library, an experience which is not so good when it comes to the 5800. 
  • The 5800 may be binary compatible with s60v3 software, but then such software is not optimized for use with a touch UI and can be a pain to use at times. 
  • The 5800 available in India is a crippled one with certain features missing like sharing online with flickr and ovi.
  • The battery life of 5800 is extremely short. If you plan to use the GPS as a navigation tool, don't even dream to do it without a car charger. Although the claimed music playback time in 5800 is almost 10 hrs more than the iPhone, but then  you are not going to be doing nothing but listen to music for 34 hrs!!!In fact, the only point where the battery of 5800 excels compared to the iPhone is in the fact that it is replaceable, so you could carry spare(s) in case of a long outing.
     ( As pointed out by Shikar, this may be a one-off problem with my battery, So standby while I check it out )
  • The user interface doesn't seem optimized for touch usage and as such it feels bit odd navigating around the phone especially with the double taps required at certain points. In comparison, the navigation in the iPhone is a breeze.
  • The looks of the phone and the UI both could use a makeover.
The verdict :
Does the Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic dominate over the all-powerful iPhone.
It's a resounding NO,
 but Nokia with it advanced features and high availability of 3rd party extensions clearly dominates certain fields and as such with a few minor improvements like a better streamlined UI, cleaner camera ( image stability or maybe a larger surface area of CCD), and a reworked battery ; it would really take over the iPhone.