Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bugs on my face

"Been a while since I felt the bugs on my face" - A beautiful thought that hit my mind

It's a scenario that every biker can relate to - Its twilight, the sun has just crossed the horizon on its way to end the day, you are on your bike, sans your helmet, just passing by foliage and then suddenly ... an army of tiny bugs just burst out of nowhere and just swarm the entire airspace ! There are bugs hitting your face, hitting your arms, getting tangled all up in your hair, and if its an especially unlucky day - entering your mouth, into your eyes and even up your nose. Not really a happy memory for anyone.

Alok's Bicycle
It's been a couple of years since I parked my motorcycle in one corner and just completely forgot about it. But today, I was just on a stroll on my friend's bicycle around dusk and I felt a few bugs hit my face. And I was just hit with a huge wave of nostalgia. Just remembering all those times I (involuntarily) spat out bugs or cursed my fates for the searing pain in my eyes as a bug entered it. I just kept reaching out to all those not so happy memories.

And with it came a wave of longing for riding my motorcycle again. Riding along the highways, being one with the road, feeling the wind in my hair, leaning into curves of the roads - almost scraping my shoes on the road as I negotiated an extremely tricky turn, freedom from being trapped in a roll cage. ( There's a reason it's called a cage )

This event has inspired me to take the keys off the nail on the wall, dust off my jacket, get my Honda fixed and once again be part of the culture that is 'biking'. Now more than ever.
But, then, it doesn't take much to inspire me. This must not be just an inspiration - this has to be something more. A movement.

UPDATE : Just days after this, I got my bike fixed !
https://plus.google.com/106658894895516889579/posts/hHERuVrLe7U )