Saturday, August 17, 2013

EpisodeCalendar Android App

About a couple of weeks back, I stumbled upon this amazing website : EpisodeCalendar . Its a great way to keep track of the TV shows I watch ( and plan to watch at some later time ) . But I was really saddened by a lack of an Android app. After quick look though the FAQ, I realized that there used to be Android ( and iOS ) apps , but they were pulled off the air just a couple of months ago.

There was a nice RSS feed, though. And then it struck me - Let's harness this RSS feed into an Android app !
Presenting : My first ever android app !!

This is a very basic application for EpisodeCalendar which lets me know which of my shows are on today ( and a few days next and previously ) and provides some additional details about them. That's about it ! No real login required ( just need to enter email address registered with EpisodeCalendar ), not complex features, just a simple list of shows to watch today ! ( an an option to set a reminder )

Swipe from left, or click on app icon for navigation drawer to navigate to other days.

Screenshots :

Download apk :
Source :
License :

This is a project meant for personal use and presented for example purpose only. The app is in no way associated with EpisodeCalendar . This app is in no way complete. Do check back for revisions and updates.

PeeKay , 17 August 2013
cuz i was bored
-=BlaH - BlaH=-

UPDATE : According to Kristian from EpisodeCalendar, the official app from EpisodeCalendar is just around the corner.I'm removing the direct download link. But I'd be keeping the source code up for reference only.

UPDATE : The episode list now also shows episode title, swipe left and right to switch days. Not tested on tablets

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Learning Android

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Android. But I'd about HAD IT with just standing on the sidelines. I wanted to learn to develop for Android.
Now, I'd tried to do this a few times earlier. But then, me, with my fickle interests, could never really stick to it. Not to mention, the troubles with just getting a Java Environment setup on my computer almost took my enthusiasm away.

Enter : Android Studio

This is a nifty little Android IDE based on the popular IntelliJ platform. I've been impressed by the tool ever since it had been announced and showcased at this year's Google I/O .

And then, last week, I finally took the plunge ! Started seriously working on a small little app.

Will update the progress right here on

PeeKay , 13 August 2013
cuz i was bored
-=BlaH - BlaH=-